Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The course of true love never did run smooth

Well, it doesn’t for me anyway! I’m writing this whilst waiting for yet another man to show up. The tragedy is that he isn’t going to, just like all the others have haven’t this year. My love life is generally the stuff TV is made of. Think Dawson’s Creek meets Alley McBeal and Bridget Jones!

I spent most of my twenties in love with my best friend who had feelings for me too, but not enough to leave his girlfriend for. I was just ‘too risky’ you see. As fate would have it, his girlfriend eventually left him for another man and to my horror and heart break he then ran off with someone that wasn’t me. I did get over it eventually, but only to replace him with someone else equally as unsuitable and equally as attached. I don’t do this deliberately, well, at least I don’t think I do. Maybe on a subconscious level I only fall for guys I know are not emotionally available because I’m not, but who knows!

Anyway, three years later, here I am waiting for him to show. I haven’t seen him in four months since I told him how I felt and he kissed me. This obviously sent me into utter and total confusion, but he avoids talking about it and I’m too scared to ask. So, I pathetically wait around for him to tell me what it all means.

I have tried to move on, but its hard to find a man these days who is single, reasonably sane and doesn’t mind going out with a woman who’s a scientist and actually has a personality and half a brain. Late last year I met a guy who insisted on taking me out for drinks and spent the entire evening telling me how wonderful I was and talking about marriage and kids! Funnily enough, that’s not the sort of thing a girl wants to hear on a first date! Anyway, his eagerness was endearing and in an attempt to move on, I decided that I would go out with him again, if he called. Miraculously, he did! But this is where it gets strange, every time he would call to arrange a date, he would cancel. This went on for weeks and left me completely baffled as to why you would go to so much trouble to arrange something only to cancel it! Needless to say, we never made it to date No. 2.

The next guy is really something. He works in my building, bit strange and introvert, but as a fellow Brit abroad I thought I would introduce him to my friends as he was new in town. Four months later he sends me an email declaring his love and after countless awkward conversations explaining that I was simply not interested, he proceeded to practically stalk me. So, now I spend my time at work running through corridors and hiding behind photocopiers.

Am I missing something here? Is a man keeping a date just as unlikely as a man calling to ask for one?

Anyway, as I sit here I have to admit that the last 12 months haven’t been as productive love wise as I might have liked. It seems that in the ‘Noughties’ (00s) it’s easier to clone DNA than it is to find a man to have dinner with! Maybe the secret lies in cloning a man to have dinner with??? Perhaps I should submit that for my next research proposal!!

He never did show by the way and he’s now on a plane flying back to where he works. Endless Western Blotting has never seemed so appealing!